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Restaurant Snob? Yes I am!!!


Many friends and business acquaintances have called me a “Restaurant Snob” and with no hard feelings… I agree!

But after 20+ years in hospitality – more than half spent in the fine dining arena, I feel it is earned.  My dues? I have paid via long hours worked, high maintenance guests and endless months of detailed training.

I have worked in “boutique” hotels, gourmet markets and white linen steakhouses. I have catered to celebrities, royalty, sports figures, blushing brides and business executives… Complaints regarding my service or fulfillment of client needs can be counted on less than one hand.

“Yes is the answer… What is the question” was the corporate mantra where I once worked. This made my marketing job an easy one… For I knew that the team, of which I was a part, backed up what I was selling:  “Extra-Ordinary” (extraordinary) food and service every day / every shift.  It was a sales statement that I believed in and because of my belief it was an easy “sale” to put guests in the seats of the restaurant. Don’t misunderstand… mistakes were made and some guests had disappointments- But ALWAYS were issues addressed and guests mentally / financially compensated.  Unhappy people leaving an establishment will ultimately be the demise of any restaurant.

It should come as no surprise that when dining out personally, my expectations are high.  Whether a grocery store prepared food counter, carryout, fast food or fine dining restaurant – being the BEST can be provided with very little cost.

Currently, my focus is on local Colorado dining establishments: Restaurants that may have more than one location but are “born and raised”  in our amazing state. For quick reference and promotion of the many dining options available, I will be sharing and writing reviews to help encourage local choices. The shared reviews will be actual posts found in other Colorado publications and the written reviews will be about my positive experiences where the establishment understands that food is not the only ingredient when creating satisfied guests.

I look forward to the feedback and personal experiences shared on each post.

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